Wednesday, November 12, 2014

So Long, Station Street

Station Street in East Liberty is closing.  It's a surprise, really.  The area around the old Penn Circle has been undergoing a gradual revitalization, and they've been a big part of that.  And they've done rather well for themselves.  But it seems that the owner has new projects going on, and he wants to concentrate on those.  And so it goes.

We seem to lose favorite restaurants around here.  The summer that The Boy was seven, his favorite restaurant in town closed.  Only, we didn't hear about it until it was too late.

We'd been at a party that afternoon, and we had decided to leave a little early and grab dinner at Kazansky's in Squirrel Hill.  By the time we left the party The Boy was starving, but we assured him that he'd be eating very soon.  We got to Squirrel Hill, parked the car, and walked to the restaurant.  Somehow, we missed the small sign on the door, so we were surprised when we tried to open it and it didn't move.  We tried it again, saw the sign and realized that Kazansky's was closed…forever.  The Boy burst into tears, right there on Murray Ave, at 6pm on a Saturday.  In the middle of this a guy walked up, read the sign, and yelled to no one in particular, 'Now where am I going to get my corned beef!'  It was a bit bizarre.  We went to a deli up the street, and decided the food was more expensive and not as good.  Later we learned that the landlords had wanted to raise Kazansky's rent, and the owner had decided that he would rather close than pay a higher cost.

Nothing quite so dramatic yesterday.  The whole family went to Station Street for one last lunch.  We met friends there, and ran into several other people we knew too.  The place was hopping.  We waited in line for a good 15-20 minutes to place our order.  We were lucky to snag a large table outside when our food was ready.  And lucky that the weather was nice enough to eat outside.  We ate our fill of hot dogs, fries, and poutine.  The kids ran around like crazy people while the grown ups took our time, finishing our food and enjoying what will probably be the last nice weather of the year.  It was a good send off.  So long Station Street.  You will be missed.

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