Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hatful of Hollow

This morning I had to drive The Boy to a dentist appointment.  We got in the car and I heard Back to the Old House.  'Oh wow.  That's the third time this week I've gotten into the car and heard a Smiths or Morrissey song.  huh.'  I said to The Boy.  Who probably barely heard me.

It was followed up by What Difference Does It Make.  And then I got a little worried.  Morrissey announced not too long ago that he's been sick for a while.  I mean, he didn't sound like he was ready to die any time soon, but who knows with cancer?  And what other reason could they possibly have to play back to back songs from an artist on a seemingly normal Wednesday morning?  I racked my brain for another reason, but I couldn't think of it.  They were playing Smiths songs, not Morrissey songs, but, still, I made myself a little crazy.

I shared the crazy with The Boy.  Because it's always an awesome idea to share your crazy with your children.  And I hadn't had my usual amount of coffee.  So there's that.  'Wow.  It can't be.  I mean, this would be awful.  No he couldn't have died.  Not yet.  But he's been sick.  But why else would they play two Smiths songs?  This would be so sad.'  ugh.  The poor kid.  But he's eleven, so I suspect he was only half listening anyway.

It was an agonizing six or seven minutes, but we soon discovered that the reason for all The Smiths was the 30th anniversary of Hatful of Hollow.  Thank God.  And then I felt completely stupid.  But whatever.  The Boy didn't seem to hold it against me.  And then we both got to enjoy How Soon Is Now together.  Which, honestly, I just love those moments when I get to share something with my kids that I've loved for years.  And then hey!  They like it too.  Brilliant.

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