Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Joy of Fifth Grade

So, as I mentioned in my last post, it was a crazy spring.  Spring around here is always crazy, but this one was worse then usual.

The Boy finished 5th grade this spring, his last year at his elementary school.  This meant two things.  First, there were a ton of things for the 5th graders to do.  And, second, he wanted to do all of them.  Which is great.  I love that he is a kid who wants to be so involved, and that he is interested in so many different things.  A good friend of mine told me when The Boy was three that he had joie de vivre.  He did and he does and I hope he never loses it.  But oof.  It made for a busy spring.

Student council, sports, music, and of course academics.  These all took up a lot of time, not just his, but mine as well.  And, by default- because she goes everywhere that I go- it also took up The Girl's time.  Which she was frankly sick of by the end of May.  My mother came in for The Boy's spring concert.  She was surprised that The Girl was dragging her feet to get ready to go and see the performance, and she asked her, 'Don't you want to go and see your brother play trumpet?'.  The Girl looked her right in the eye and very clearly, very distinctly, said NO.  I couldn't blame her.  She was sick of her brother getting all the attention.

Probably the most intense activity that The Boy participated in was the Dancing Classrooms competition.  All 5th graders in participating Pittsburgh city schools (about 20 of them) have to take ballroom dancing lessons.  After about a month of practices they perform for their families.  Once that performance is over six boys and six girls are chosen to represent at the semi-finals and then, hopefully the finals.  The Boy not only made the team.  He was also the team captain.  Lots of after school practices, costume chaos, and general nervousness followed.  In brief, The Boy's school went on to the finals, they didn't win, but they did place.  And then we all exhaled.

The end of the year was still plenty busy- other activities were wrapping up, there was the 5th grade field trip, and of course, graduation.  I had a lot of mixed emotions. It doesn't seem possible that The Boy is growing up and moving on to middle school.  It doesn't seem so long ago that I was looking at the 5th graders and thinking that my kindergartner could never possibly be as big as they were.  Yet here he is and he's almost as tall as me.  Then, there's The Girl who still has two years of preschool ahead of her, after which we do the elementary school thing all over again.  And that will be comforting and odd and exhausting all at once. The cycle of things to come.

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