Sunday, March 23, 2014

Getting Through Wednesdays This Winter

Spring thaw is here people.  I can feel it.  I don't care that it's in the 30's in Pittsburgh today.  Every few days we've gotten a burst of warmer weather, or sunshine, or both, and it's doing wonders for my brain, body, and mood.  Not that I'm not still cranky and irritable.  But I'm less so than I have been.

But let's not talk of my moodiness and self doubt today!  I did enough of that at the end of last month.

No, today I want to mention a couple of things that got me through Wednesdays this past winter.  More specifically, a few ladies.  I'll start with Ask Polly.  Although, to be fair, she's been a favorite of mine since she started on The Awl- maybe a year or two ago?  She's an advice columnist and she's awesome.  She gives you the kind of advice that you wish your friends would give you.  Or maybe you don't wish for that, but you know it's probably what you need to hear from them.  There are times I read her column and think, it would be so great if we were friends so that we could go out for drinks, and then she could set me straight when I'm in need of it.  Sort of like a fun voice of reason in my life.  I read her column every Wednesday without fail.  Usually right before bed.  Because it's so much easier to fall asleep thinking about other people's issues than anything I'm currently dealing with.  (If you haven't read her before, and you start with this past Wednesday's column?  You may want to dig deeper.  This was the first time she's written anything that large numbers of people seem to disagree with.)

The other thing that made my Wednesdays happy this winter was Broad City.  I can't begin to tell you how much I love this show.  I love it so hard and it's so fucking great.  To be fair, my husband doesn't love it as much as I do- although he does like it- so maybe this one's not for everyone either.  But it is for me, and it made my Wednesday nights highly enjoyable and something to look forward to over the past months.  I think it's hilarious and I really like Abbi and Ilana and a lot of the other characters.  I think the me in my 20s (so long ago!) had at least a bit in common with Abbi.  Although, I'm thankful to say, my roommate never dated anyone has horrible as Bevers.  (Her ex-boyfriend was rather nice, actually.  And I liked him better than the guy she ended up marrying.)  Anyway, if you haven't seen it yet, I highly suggest giving it a try.  The season finale is this week, but I'm sure you can catch up on On Demand or Hulu, or whatever.

And that is how I spent my Wednesday nights these past couple of months.  Broad City & wine at 10:30, followed by going to bed and reading Ask Polly before drifting off to sleep.  Honestly, kind of awesome.  And way better than some of the other weeknights.  Leaving you with one of my favorite Broad City scenes from this past season.  Enjoy.

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