Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Saturday Night

The kids were making me crazy on Saturday.  The Boy had woken up in a bad mood and had been asked to rein it in for the afternoon.  The Girl was…  I'm not sure really.  Being very three, although we're not actually there yet.  The Husband was going out with a friend for the evening, and said friend's wife invited the rest of us over for dinner with her and their kids.  I had to sit the kids down before we left.

I asked if I could expect excellent behavior at our friend's house.  Because otherwise, I pointed out, it wasn't really worth it for us to go over.  I just wasn't up for it.  The Boy said yes, excellent behavior.  Of course.  The Girl nodded, thought for a moment, and then said, 'I won't say poop or fart.'

The Boy and I tried very hard not to laugh.  OK, I said.  That's great.  Another pause.  'Or stupid!  I won't say stupid.'

The Boy was laughing now.  And wanting to know what else she wouldn't say.  But we quit while we were ahead.


Dinner at our friends' was probably just what I needed after a long day.  We got Chinese takeout.  And my friend and I were actually able to watch a movie while the kids hung out in the family room.  We watched The Way Way Back.  Which was wonderful.  I loved it.  Because I am a complete sucker for coming of age movies.  But also because it really is a very very good movie.  Also, The Husband and I watched Adventureland a few weeks ago.  It was kind of funny to go from a movie that is centered in an amusement park, to a movie that features a water park.  

By the way, the amusement park in Adventureland is Pittsburgh's own Kennywood Park.  Having been there many times, it was actually pretty cool to see it on the big screen.  They do a nice job of showing it off.

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