Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh Come On

Me: So, what do you want for Christmas?

The Husband: I sent you that link for the headphones I wanted…

Me: I know.  I just thought it might be nice to get you a couple of CDs.  Maybe a book?  Is there anything like that that you want?

TH:  I don't know.  Let me think about it.

Me: You know, Iron & Wine has a new one out.  It's pretty good.

TH: …

Me: I mean, I know that I like him more now than I used to.  Now that he has a band and all.  And I know that you don't like him as much as you used to.  I know that you liked him better back when he was all by himself and it was just him and his beard and his guitar.

TH: You get me.


And then, this afternoon The Husband asked if I'd heard of The Julie Ruin.  And I hadn't.  So then I watched this video.

And I love it.  I mean, God bless The Julie Ruin for bringing Riot Grrrl back.  And now I officially feel old, because I've been in denial that I'm old enough to have to watch the kids bring back things like Riot Grrrl and keyboards.  Even though keyboards have been all over the radio this past year.  And I'm sure grunge is just around the corner.  Unless it's already happened and no one has told me.  Which is totally possible.

UPDATE: And now I feel so, so dumb.  Because that is none other than Kathleen Hanna.  And The Husband said to me, isn't that Kathleen Hanna?  And it looks and sounds like her but for some reason I didn't think so.  I'd heard that she'd been really, really sick so I didn't think that she'd been recording.  But I guess she's better and she's back and I'm very happy about that.  And also?  Not feeling old, because it's the original Riot Grrls bringing the Riot Grrrl and not the kids.  Yet.

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