Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Minute Christmas

Somehow, despite my best intentions, I got my act together late this year. Although, really, I should just be happy that I got my act together at all.

It wasn't entirely my fault.  I ordered my cards, but got them a lot later than I expected.  And then my husband couldn't get the mailing labels to print properly. Oh, the joys of being in a house that runs on open source software.  (OK, actually, there are some big advantages to that.  Running labels just isn't one of them.)

We bought our Christmas tree two weeks ago, but it fell over twice.  An issue that we're not really used to dealing with- I don't even think that's ever happened to us before.  We got a lot of advice.  Shims.  Cutting more off of the bottom.  Attaching the tree to the wall, which I didn't even know was  a thing.  But apparently lots of people do it, my mother included.  Of course, my mother gets like twenty foot trees because her family room ceiling is two stories high.  So it makes sense that a tree stand alone can't keep them up.  But still, I had no idea.  In the end we didn't have to do that (so far, fingers crossed).  Thankfully, because I couldn't figure out where on my walls I felt like putting in hooks to attach fishing wire.

We are all good now though.

As a result of falling trees, off center labels, and late holiday cards, we didn't decorate the tree or work on cards until late last week.  I crammed tree trimming and card writing into an eight hour period.  Instant Christmas!  I now have a trimmed tree, a decorated mantle, and cards in the mail.  Presents are even purchased too. The Husband and I are determined to get them wrapped during the day tomorrow.  As opposed to 11:00 at night on Christmas Eve like we usually do.

We are still grocery shopping though.  Still!  After two trips to the Strip District.  And I've been at Whole Foods just about every day for the last two weeks.  But we're doing a Seven Fishes dinner tomorrow, and realized that when we planned our menu we only came up with six fishes, not seven.  So, there's a menu re-do going on.

Anyway.  Tomorrow will be busy, but I think the actual Christmas Day will be very laid back, which will be awesome.  Just presents and eating.  And, I guess, college football, because my dad is here.  But otherwise not too much to do.  So looking forward to that.

Happy happy whatever you celebrate this year.  May it be joyful and relaxing.


  1. We were very late this year too. It was a strange year for us. I thought we might not even have a tree (the first time ever! gasp!) but I couldn't stand it... early on the morning of December 24th, I got a small artificial one and put it up before the boys woke up. In the "old" days people trimmed their tree on Christmas eve, so we decided to do it the old fashioned way this year. We focused more on Christmas activities, and being together. We celebrated the Christmas season (did you know technically the 12 days of Christmas start on Xmas and go through 3 kings day on January 6th?) We even went out to look at lights last night. My boys are older, so it was acceptable, even FUN to switch it up a bit, and use the change to discuss the true meaning of Christmas and switch up our celebration a bit. I hope your holiday was great! (and you did give me a chuckle about the 6 fishes- that really could have been me!)

    1. I don't think I realized when I first started reading your blog what a crazy year you've had. That's become clearer to me the more I've been reading your blog. So sorry for everything that you've been going through! I'm glad that you and your boys were able to get a tree and celebrate the old fashioned way. My dad has very fond memories of waking up on Christmas Day to a decorated house AND presents. There is something a little more spectacular about doing it that way. We did end up with seven fishes. Just maybe not very authentically Italian dishes? We'll have to start planning earlier if we do it again next year (I think I say this every year about everything holiday related).

      Happy New Year to all of you!