Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5: Missing the Tree That's Still Here

This past winter we started having problems with our sewer line.  They fixed it, and we thought that we'd be ok, at least for a little while.  It didn't last as long as we had hoped.

In August the clog came back.  Not as bad as it was in January, but still.  Some water in the basement and the plumbers had to be called.  They ran a camera down the line and once again, the clog seemed to be near the street, but still on our property.  The cause of the clogs is the tree in front of our house.

One of the nice things about our neighborhood is that, many years ago, the city planted trees all along our streets.  It's beautiful and it's shady and I love how it keeps my car from getting too hot in the summer.  The problem is, they weren't always conscientious about the types of trees that they were planting.  They are now, but we still have all of these older trees.  Some are just fine.  But some, like the one in front of our house, are not.

The one in front of our house isn't even that old.  We think it was planted maybe 20-30 years ago, but it's still not a great tree to have near sidewalks and sewer lines.

Check out those crazy aggressive roots!  sigh.

I will not be sad to see the clogs go, and I will not be sad to have a sidewalk that is no longer cracked and crooked.  I will, however, miss seeing this outside my front door next fall.

Isn't that gorgeous?   Look at those beautiful red leaves.

I love trees and I hate to see this one go.  I hate that it's not sick, and it's not dead, but we still have to get rid of it.  Because what it is is costly.  And we just can not afford to keep it anymore.

Honestly, I'm a little heartbroken.

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