Sunday, November 3, 2013

Day 3: Pancakes & Running

The Boy woke up this morning and asked for pancakes.  Specifically, chocolate chip pancakes.  Because we clearly don't have enough Halloween chocolate in the house.

Between the candy glut and his behavior which has been... shall we say, lacking lately, The Husband told him no.  He would not be making him pancakes.  'I'll just make them myself,' The Boy said.  The Husband wasn't happy about this, but I feel like we have to pick our battles these days so I just shrugged.  If he wants to cook, let him.  At least it's a skill.

He actually did pretty well.  Not much of a mess, no one was hurt, and he got the pancakes he wanted.  He even made two pancakes for his sister, so that was pretty awesome.  We didn't even have to ask him to.

Not too shabby for The Boy's first chocolate chip pancake...

Later in the afternoon The Girl went down for a nap.  It was gorgeous out, so The Boy and I both wanted to go for a run.  We decided to try out the track at CMU.  It's not far from our house and it was a sunny Sunday afternoon.  It was great.  A couple of soccer teams were practicing on the turf, but the track itself was pretty empty.  We each ran four laps- The Boy, of course, finished before I did- and then we took a water break.  I was feeling pretty good and suggested that we go for another four laps before calling it quits.

Almost as soon as I started on the second set my right knee started to hurt.  Badly.  Like a sharp twinge of pain.  It was probably stupid, but I had enjoyed the first four laps so much, I didn't want to stop running.  I made it through three laps before I gave up.  Pretty disappointing, but it was probably best that I finally stopped.  As promised, we went to The Boy's favorite tea house on the way home.  We both got Earl Grey.  His was regular, mine was lavender- both were delicious.

When we got home I Googled knee pain (I know, I know- never self-diagnose...).  It certainly sounds like I have runner's knee, which is kind of funny to me because, despite my best intentions, I'm still a rather sporadic runner.  Anyway, rest, ice, ibuprofen, hopefully this will all help and my knee will feel much better soon.  To really fix the problem though, I think that I'll need to get better shoes.  The ones I have are pretty good, and they're just fine for going to the gym, but I think I need better support when I'm out for a run.  If anyone out there has helpful tips for runner's knee or running shoes, please leave them in the comments.

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