Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day 26: Grouch

The grouch in the title refers to me.  Although, if I'm being honest, we're all a little grouchy today.  With the possible exception of The Husband.  He's psyched for the short week.

I tried to start the day off cheery.  But The Boy came out of his room and immediately began complaining that he didn't have the day off school.  I reminded him that it was a short week, but that didn't seem to matter at all.  And then he started fighting with The Girl at breakfast and it was all downhill from there.

We were late dropping off The Boy at school.  Then The Girl and I slogged around in the slush running errands.  She took a ten minute nap while we were out which meant that she didn't nap at all during her regular naptime.

The Boy's art club was cancelled because of the weather.  I dragged The Girl all over the school looking for him at pick up, only to get a text from The Husband (who came home early) that The Boy was home and had brought two of his friends.  Apparently, it is impossible to wait inside the school for me when I'm five minutes late.

After the friends left, I took the kids out to buy much needed new shoes.  They began fighting in the car within two minutes, which put me in a fantastic mood.  Other gems while we were out- The Boy told me that I nagged him too often, and then Target was out of snow boots in The Girl's size.  Which prompted The Boy to tell me that I needed to be a better planner.  Sure, I thought.  I'm planning to go home and drink right now.

And then the evening got much, much better.  The Boy apologized, The Husband cooked, and The Girl actually ate her food which hasn't been happening at dinner for the last two weeks (she's been battling a cold).  And then I had a few glasses of wine and we all went to bed early.

Honestly, it was a relief for the day to end this way.  Not just because, who needs aggravation anyway?  But also because I've been keenly aware of when I'm not being grateful this week.  This week of all weeks, when I should be thankful to have a healthy family, when I should be thankful for everything that I have, when I should be thankful that it's not a hardship to take my kids out and buy them new shoes for crying out loud.  When I should realize just how very very much I have and be grateful for it.  Thank god the day ended the way it did, so I could go to bed thankful and remind myself that these little aggravations that happen throughout the day?  Are nothing.  And if anything, I should be thankful that I'm even in a position to be aggravated by my kids.  Thankful that we have each other and that we are able to irritate each other.  I could stand to remind myself of that more often.

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