Friday, November 22, 2013

Day 22: Hit & Run, Part Deux

Two days after my insurance company called to say that my hit and run driver had been identified, I heard from the officer assigned to my case.  He was calling to tell me the same information, and to see if he could stop by with a photo for me to I.D.  No problem.

He stopped by with an enlarged copy of the guy's license.  It was definitely him, although he looked younger in the picture than he did in real life.  I was surprised to see that he was only a few weeks younger than me.  I thought that he was at least ten years older.

The officer asked me to tell him the whole story again.  'I'm really surprised that he bolted,' the officer said.  He was very nice.  'His license is good.  Three times out of four when drivers bolt like that they have a problem with their license.  His is clean.' He also explained to me that if the guy refused to pay, that I would have to press charges.

'Really? I'm not out to ruin anyone's life.  I just want the damage he caused to my car to be paid for.'

'Yeah, but if you don't press charges then it keeps your insurance company from being able to collect their money…'  OK.  Well that made perfect sense.

He left and told me that they'd be stopping by the guy's house the following morning. They'd let me know of any developments.


That was almost two weeks ago.  I was surprised that I hadn't heard anything, but I was still so relieved that they actually know who hit my car, I just couldn't bring myself to be too concerned.  My car went into the shop for almost a week.  The damage was repaired.  They even cleaned my car and left a box of chocolates on the passenger seat.  So, amazing service there.  I was embarrassed that I hadn't straightened up my car before sending it in.

I picked up my car this morning.  While I was paying for my car, I got an email from the officer on my case.  They stopped by the residence three times in the last two weeks.  On the third visit the guy's nephew answered and told the police that his uncle- the guy who hit me- no longer lived there.  So now charges are being pressed and there's a warrant out for this guy.

So, I'm conflicted. On one hand, he did something wrong and should take responsibility for what he did.  If the situation was reversed I certainly would have. But I also think, he probably can't afford this.  And that's why he gave me false information and took off.  So I feel badly that all this trouble is being gone through because in the end, when they catch up with him, he probably won't be able to afford this anyway.  Even if he has insurance.  Because if he does and his insurance company drops him, well, maybe he can't afford that either.  And it would suck and I would feel bad, but seriously?  I'm a nice person.  He should have just given me his correct info.  If it came down to it we probably could have worked something out. Too bad it turned out differently.

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