Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Day 19: Meetings & Hamell

This week already started off on the wrong foot.  And it's just going to get crazier.

I had two meetings and a lunch date today.  Those aren't necessarily bad things.  Especially the lunch date.  But I'm just feeling so behind on things.  Very disorganized.  It didn't help that my first meeting ran over, so I was late meeting my friend for lunch.  And, of course, The Girl was with me.  So she had had it by the end of the meeting and had a hard time sitting still at lunch.  It was ok- the restaurant staff were so nice about her running back and forth from the fish tank to our table- but it was a bit less relaxing than I had hoped.

The two meetings today are only half of the meetings I have to go to this week.  Four meetings in a week is more than I'm used to, especially since I almost always have a kid with me.  Anyway, as a result, The Meeting by Hamell On Trial has been stuck in my head all day.

Face Solo is classic Hamell On Trial.

Before kids, we used to go to shows all the time.  One of our favorite people to go see was Hamell On Trial.  He puts on a fantastic show.  He rocks hard, and it's kind of amazing that it's just him and his guitar.  No band with him at all.  And he's funny as hell.  I'm sure we've have seen him at least a dozen times- maybe even closer to twenty.  Once we went to New York and he was playing the Bowery.  We were so excited- a chance to see him while we were out of town! He also came to Pittsburgh a lot.  Maybe he still does?  I chose the clip that I did because it's a show from The Warhol Museum from this past summer.  

Anyway, I clearly need to pull out some Hamell On Trial CDs this week.  It's been too long.  And if he comes to a venue near you, please do yourself a favor and go.

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