Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 10: At the Movies

One of the best things about Pittsburgh in November is the Three Rivers Film Festival.  Before we had kids, The Husband and I looked forward to it every fall.  My birthday is in November, so I always planned on dinner and a movie to celebrate.  It was a lot of fun choosing my birthday movie from the list of festival films.  When I worked at the public radio station, we would get sponsor passes.  That was the best.  We would go to as many movies as we could during the festival.

Even though we loved going to the film festival, we just haven't gotten ourselves to the movies like we used to ever since the kids have been born.  Of course we go to kids movies, but grown up movies, not so much.  I've been looking forward to the day when I could start taking the kids to more grown up movies.  The Boy is almost there.  We've seen a couple of movies this year that were not geared toward kids.  I took him to see North By Northwest on the big screen this past spring.  That was a lot of fun.  It's a cool thing to watch your kid enjoying a Hitchcock movie.

The Girl, of course, is still too young.  I started looking at the film festival schedule to see if there was a movie I could take The Boy to some evening.  Instead I found this.

My Neighbor Totoro
This was showing on Sunday afternoon.  Perfect.  The Husband was going to the football game with a friend.  So I took the kids to D's for lunch.  Then we headed over to the theater to watch the movie.

A few things about the movie.  First of all, I'd never heard of it.  I feel kind of ridiculous about that.  It's been around for 25 years.  It's huge in Japan and has a cult following over here.  The animation is amazing, and the story was really sweet.  I'm not sure how much The Girl could follow, but she seemed to get the gist of it.  And she loved King Totoro.

I said I'd never heard of it which isn't exactly true.  When The Boy was in preschool we went to an exhibit at The Childrens Museum.  They actually had a Catbus there that you could sit in.  It was pretty awesome.  Although not as awesome as the one in the movie.

I would love one of those...

The Catbus was one of my favorites in the movie.  He actually reminded me a lot of Appa from Avatar.  (Not the terrible Last Airbender movie that M. Night Shyamalan put out.  That was a travesty.  Let us never speak of that again.)  No, no.  The animated series that was on Nick for a long time.  We loved that show.  Loved.  The Boy was a big fan back in the day.  The Husband and I would watch it with him.  OK, we were all big fans.

Turns out, Appa was actually based on the Catbus, which I just think is kind of fantastic.

Anyway.  The Kids enjoyed My Neighbor Totoro too. When we left the theatre The Girl looked at me and said, 'Mama, I loved the movie!'  It was a pretty great afternoon.

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