Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The State That I Am In

Belle & Sebastian were here on Saturday night.  For the first time in Pittsburgh ever.  The husband and I were way excited for this and bought tickets when they went on sale so many months ago.  We love them.  We love them so much, we named our cats after them.

Belle & Sebastian...our cats

The show was outside at Stage AE.  We'd never been there before.  The evening was a bit humid, but otherwise, we couldn't have asked for better weather.  We hung out near the front of the stage- something I haven't done in a while- and it was a blast.  The crowd was mellow.  Yo La Tengo was the opener and they were fantastic. 

Belle & Sebastian came on at 9:30 and they were brilliant.  Seriously.  They came out, ready to rock out and have a good time.  Stuart Murdoch was totally charming.  He walked through the crowd at one point, and then decided to bring people up on stage to dance for the next song.  It was one of my favorites, The Boy With the Arab Strap.  There must have been twenty people up there?  Give or take.  I couldn't find a complete video of that, but I found this, another great song from the show.

Good stuff.  We don't get out to shows like we used to, but this was seriously one of the very best in recent memory.  If they are coming to your town on this tour, you should totally go.

Of course, I'd been fighting a cold all week, and going out Saturday night knocked me on my ass all day Sunday.  I laid in bed all afternoon, sleeping and reading the internets.  Although, there is something to be said for lying in bed all day and letting someone else worry about the kids.  (I mean, it's no way to live or anything.  Just, you know, the silver lining in being sick for the day.)  Anyway.  It was completely worth it. 

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