Monday, June 10, 2013

Old Punks

'Oh.  Look at all the old punks with their young kids.  I guess we've got the Girl with us too.'

'You used to be punk rock, baby.'

'Now look at me.  In my SUV.  Wearing shorts from The Gap.'


Bob Mould was at Hartwood Acres tonight.  There were lots of old punks there.  Looking older, with kids in tow, but many still rocking out in their black t-shirts.  There were some guys down by the stage taking pictures of each other, making sure to get Bob Mould in the background.  Since the Hartwood Acres concerts are free, there are a lot of people who just show up regardless of who's playing.  It's a nice way to spend a Sunday night in the summer.  After a few songs some of those people started to leave.  Bob Mould and his electric guitar- even without his band- get pretty damn loud.  It was their loss.  We didn't miss them, and plenty of us stayed behind to enjoy the show.  It was awesome.   

The highlight for me was dancing with the Girl to 'See a Little Light'.  When that song came out in 1989 I was in college.  I had no idea then, that over twenty years later, I'd be dancing along to that song in a field with my two year old daughter.


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