Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Now April Is Over! Here's Some Music...

Back in November I confessed to being in a music rut of sorts.  I'm doing marginally better with this in 2013.  Following is some new (to me, anyway) music that I've been listening to this month.

I have to give a lot of credit to BAGel Ted at BAGel Radio for getting me out of my music rut.  If you haven't tuned into him you really should.  He is awesome.  Pittsburgh is lucky to have some truly great radio- three public stations and two college stations (I don't know why you would ever sit through radio commercials in this town).  And yet.  When I can, I find myself going to BAGel Radio out of San Francisco.  BAGel Ted is probably my favorite dj anywhere (no offense to anyone I used to work with).  He has a good sense of history, while at the same time, embracing lots of new and fantastic music.  He can mix it up like no one else.

OK.  I'll stop gushing now.  These first two videos are bands I've discovered on BAGel Radio in the past few weeks.

Vampire Blow Let's Go Out

Yes.  Let's.  They seem like nice Danish lads.  Such a great song and the video is good fun too.  It reminds me of the videos of my youth.  sigh.  Their EP Unicorn comes out this week.  I have made a note on my to-do list to check that out asap.

Pretty & Nice Yonkers  

I've listened to several of their songs now and I pretty much love everything that I've heard.  They seem to have been around for several years, so I feel spectacularly out of the loop for just now finding out about them.  Their release Golden Rules for Golden People also comes out this week.  Another one to add to my to-do list.

This next band was brought to my attention courtesy of my son.  Because it has come to that.

Macklemore & Lewis feat. Ray Dalton Can't Hold Us

Actually, the Boy introduced me to Thrift Shop.  He and his friends were really into the video.  After I heard this song and Same Love I went out and bought The Heist.  The writing is smart and the music is catchy.  I don't often buy hip hop, (Beastie Boys being the exception) but I really like this album.  And this song.  I love this song.   I couldn't love it any more if I tried.  It is a perfect song from start to finish.  The Girl and I throw this one on repeat.  All the time.

Johnny Marr Upstarts

You can break up the band, but my love for the members will never die.  And The Messenger is a damn fine album.  Oh, Johnny.  It's good to have you back.

Any one else I should be sure to check out in May?  Let me know in the comments.

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