Friday, February 1, 2013

Wine & Profanity Are Awesome

It was a shitty week.  Literally.  Monday night our sewage line backed up.  Tuesday morning the plumber came to snake the pipe.  While snaking the pipe the cable broke off.  So, Tuesday afternoon we were told that they would be out Wednesday morning to dig up the line- and our front yard in the process.  Matt, the very nice kid who came to dig up our yard, told us it should be done by the end of the day.  It wasn't.  That's because there were two clogs, one by the street and one closer to our house.

All I can say is thank God for the gym membership.  It's where my family took showers for a few days while we waited for the whole situation to get resolved.  Which it finally did.  Thursday at 4:30, one hour before we left to go to dinner, followed by Louis CK.

Dinner was great.  It had been a stressful week and I drank a lot of wine.  A lot.  Louis CK was even better.  And surprise!  Todd Barry was there as an opener.  And he was also very funny.  Laughing for two hours straight was the best way to end the week.  Seriously.

The night before we went to see Louis CK, the Boy asked me about him.  I said, he's a comedian.  Well, then, does that mean he'll tell jokes all night?  Like puns?  Won't that get old really quick?  No, I said.  Not like puns.  More like observations? I guess.  So then I went in search of a clip that I could actually show a ten year old.  I chose this one, because I thought, how much trouble can we get in to watching him talk for less than two minutes about a dishwasher? 

OK, actually, this was a pretty good clip to show the Boy.  We're used to swearing around here.  For instance, you should hear my father talk.  He's never bothered filtering himself around kids.  And did I mention that we had a sewage line back up this week?  So, lots of cursing around here anyway.  Also, music, movies, poetry- it's everywhere.  I've told the Boy that it's ok for people to use profanity if they feel like it's enhancing their art, music, writing, etc.  We just don't talk that way in everyday life.  So I was ok, until the 'suck my dick' phrase at the end.  gah.  Another great parenting moment.

The Boy was good with it though.  He tried to make me feel better.  'It's ok Mom!  I know what that means.  I mean, I never say it.  But I know what it means.'

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