Monday, February 4, 2013

Two Two

Saturday was the Girl's birthday.  Just like the Boy turned ten on the tenth, the Girl turned two on the second.  Kind of funny how that worked out.

Of course, turning two is not as dramatic as turning ten.  But it's amazing how much your baby changes in two years.  The Girl has gone from this:

to this:


Second (and first) birthday celebrations over here are really more for the grown ups.  We're not planning kid parties for the Girl just yet.  Saturday the in-laws came over for lunch- hot dogs and french fries.  Just what the Girl wanted.  Followed up with two bite cupcakes and a big nap.

Saturday night we went to dinner with one of our favorite families.  The family includes one of the Boy's best friends and his parents.  The dad, J., and I got the same thing for dinner.  Fish tacos.  They were delicious but gave me an upset stomach in the middle of the night.  Whatever.  I was fine by the next day.  Just tired.  But J. was hit a whole lot worse.  We found out the next morning that he had been throwing up all night.  Clearly he got more of the bad fish than I did.   I actually felt a little guilty about that.  But not too guilty.  I had my share of that last month.

Sunday was the Super Bowl.  meh.  I didn't have much of a preference either way.  Pittsburgh seemed to be divided between the people who despise Ray Lewis and the people who didn't want San Francisco to tie the Steelers for six Super Bowl wins.  I'm from the Baltimore area, so I half-heartedly rooted for the Ravens.  Although I really don't think I would have cared if the 49ers had taken it.

We had friends over for the game.  Which gave me an excuse to bake a birthday cake for the Girl.  The in-laws just aren't into sweets.  I didn't want to waste my time baking for people who don't enjoy cake.  But kids?  Almost always enjoy cake.  So I was happy to bake for them.

That icing is all buttery and sugary goodness.  Ridiculous. 

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