Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Limping Into the New Year

It's been a bumpy start to the New Year over here.  Nothing major, just a few small setbacks that have made 2013 feel, so far, less than inspired.

First, of course, there was my tooth extraction.  I thought the entire thing was going to be taken care of last week.  Not so actually.  That Wednesday I had a 3:00pm appointment.  I wasn't seen by the dentist until 4:15.  The whole visit amounted to a consultation which was frustrating because it means that basically, nothing happened.  Except that we all agreed that my tooth needed to come out.  Oh, and I learned that I won't actually get the implant until like, this spring or something.  Because I'm a big baby, I left the office in tears, upset that I still had a broken tooth in my mouth, and upset that it felt like I had wasted everyone's time (the husband worked from home so I could go to this appointment without the girl in tow), including my own.

Truthfully, I didn't have to wait too much longer.  The tooth came out last Saturday.  No delays this time- having the first appointment of the day is always helpful.  It actually wasn't too bad.  Since I was driving myself home they only gave me a local anesthetic.  I was numbed up pretty good for the procedure.  Mostly I just felt a lot of pressure and had to listen to horrible noises coming from the instruments that they were using in my mouth.  Eh.  It could have been worse.

I spent the rest of the day nursing my sore mouth and watching mindless movies on tv.  Turns out Our Idiot Brother is actually a pretty cute movie.  And A Guy Thing is actually pretty terrible.  What a waste of a decent cast.  I can't believe I sat through the end of it.

Anyway, being on the couch plus having a Vicodin prescription made for a rather relaxing day.  Monday came and I was looking forward to having a good week.  Until that night when the whole family- me, the husband, and the kids- got hit with a nasty stomach virus.  oof.  It was baaad.  The girl was in the best shape of all of us, which was good, because the rest of us were seriously hurting.  The whole family sat around in front of the tv on Tuesday.  Only it wasn't as much fun as when I was by myself because we watched kids' shows all day.  I now realize that there is only so much Sponge Bob that I can take.

But!  We're all ok now.  There's a lot to to look forward to the rest of this month and I'm determined to be healthy and enjoy every last bit of it.  The boy's birthday celebration is this weekend- he turns the big 1-0 this week.  Also!  Morrissey rescheduled for the 21st.  And, my big surprise Christmas present this year was tickets to see Louis CK on the 31st.  So.  I am fully expecting the rest of January to rock.

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