Saturday, January 19, 2013

In Which I Maybe Get a Bit Political But Whatever

It's been an ok week, I guess.  Shit is finally starting to get done around here, which is awesome.  Slow progress, but progress all the same.  As far as the kids go though, the boy's attitude has been full of attitude.  Which I'm really, really over.  And even the girl has been a little screamy.  I'd like to blame it on a full moon or something, but no such luck.  It's just the state of the family this month.

The rest of the world is bumming me out to.  Phony neighbors.  Tiresome parents at school.  And horrendous news stories from fucking everywhere.  Shootings, rapes, suicides, domestic violence, people worried about gun rights, yet perfectly happy to trample on the rights of women, or the rights of voters.  And what's up with Manti Te'o?  That story is a mess.  And also, meh.  I'm tired of hearing about it already. 

Anyway.  Of all the news stories, one that directly effects my family is what's going on with public education in the state of Pennsylvania.  Really, all over the country, but what happens in Pennsylvania effects the Pittsburgh school district, which is where my son- and, in a few years, my daughter- goes to school.  This year was tough, although it could have been worse, with the budget cuts that were thrown at the schools.  We'll find out in February what the budget for the next school year looks like.  The big story that came out this month was about  VAM, the newly proposed teacher evaluation system.  It sounds... sucky.  Don't take my word for it.  You can follow that link to Yinzercation (awesome blog following public education news in Pittsburgh) and read all about it.  My son's teacher put it like this- 'They are trying to quantify and distil into a science what is really an art form.  Teaching is really an art.'  Word. 

All that aside, things are looking up, I think.  It's a beautiful sunny day in the 'burgh.  The husband and the boy have been away on an overnight ski trip leaving me and the girl at home for a sort of girls' weekend.  It's been kind of awesome actually.  And!  Morrissey is here on Monday.  All the plans are back on.  My best friend is coming up and meeting me downtown.  We'll head out to dinner and then go catch the show.  Woo-hoo!

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