Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat

How was your Halloween?

Ours was good and filled with candy, zombies, and chicks.  Not pictured, the baseball player and pit crew mechanic who accompanied the zombie in plundering our neighborhood for candy.

Because of Hurricane Sandy, trick-or-treat was moved to Saturday, November 3.  I was a big curmudgeon about that earlier.  But really, it was better.  They totally could have gone trick or treating on Wednesday, but the weather was cold and drizzly.  Dry and a little warmer is obviously preferable.

We had friends over for trick-or-treating.  I took the girl to a few houses first, then came back and traded off the passing-out-candy duty with the husband, who then went out to look for the other dad and the boys.  Since other dad does not believe in cell phones (!), it took almost half an hour to find him.  He also didn't take the discussed route through the neighborhood, which also made it tricky to track them down.  sigh.

For a month I've been saying that the girl was going to be a duck for Halloween.  When a neighbor with a baby almost exactly a year younger than the girl asked me if she could have the chick costume for next year I was surprised.  The bill on the costume so clearly looks like a duck.  But then, seriously?  Look at those tights!  How could I have missed that this was so obviously a chick costume?  I don't know what the hell I was thinking.

The boys came back earlier than I expected- there was still half an hour to go!  But the baseball player complained that his bag was too heavy and he didn't want to carry it anymore.  I gave them candy duty and finished up dinner.  After dinner, a friend of the girl's and her parents came over for some drinks while the kiddos chowed down on candy.

A pretty awesome Halloween, really.  Even if it was three days late.

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