Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Writing and Not Writing

I haven't been posting here too much lately.  For a variety of reasons.  The main one being my ongoing problem of not feeling like I have much of consequence to write about.  Except for negative stuff, which, gah.  I don't know.  Life is good really.  Except when it's not.  There hasn't been anything major or tragic happening.  It's all been little things.  Not getting enough done, not keeping up with things around here.  And lately things that are a little more bothersome.  A couple of issues at the boy's school.  Which, thankfully, haven't effected us directly.  But I'm involved because I'm on the PTA board. 

There's also one thing going on that I've actually lost sleep over.  A friend of the boy's- who may or may not be a friend anymore- hasn't been treating him well at all lately.  And this is a kid who used to be a close friend.  I wouldn't care too much, except that they do have a few mutual friends.  So figuring out the best thing to do going forward is difficult.  I think right now the idea is to just take a break and see where things go from there.  And yes, I realize that this is a symptom of parenting in the 21st century.  That my parents in the 1970s wouldn't have given this a second thought.  But there's a lot that my parents didn't do, and maybe they didn't have all the answers in the 1970s either.  At any rate, I'm a worrier by nature.  I'll probably need Xanax by the time the boy hits his teen years.  Maybe I should even be on it now. 

So!  The good thing (yes!  I can write about good things too) that has been keeping me from posting is that I took an online writing course.  It ends this week.  I've written for years, but I never took a formal writing course.  Really, I should have ages ago.  And I had meant to in college, but I got sidetracked by my college radio station and ended up making that the focus of my college career.  Anyway, this opportunity came up and, it was great.  Part of the writing course included daily prompts, which led to me neglecting this space, but in the end it was worth it.  I can't promise that my writing is any better, but I can promise that I'm thinking about it differently, and trying to come up with a more consistent practice.  Hopefully that will translate to better writing in the future.

Also, I learned about Elmore Leonard.  And why he's so awesome.  I'm looking forward to adding some of his books to my very, very long reading list.

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