Friday, November 16, 2012


Yesterday was my birthday.  This year's birthday was pretty low-key.  Which was great, because I feel like this year itself has been full of too much.  I'm hoping a low-key start to the year will usher in an equally low-key year.  One where I can catch up, catch my breath, and get healthier and stronger than maybe I've been in a number of years.

The boy's school holds a food drive every November for East End Co-operative Ministries.  I started off the day by picking up the donation and taking it to the food pantry.  This may not have been the best thing to do on my way to a birthday lunch.  It feels good to donate and to bring things to people that you know they truly need.  But, oh the guilt.  When I got there at 11 am there were maybe a dozen people arriving at the pantry.  All of them elderly.  Two of them were veterans and one of the veterans was missing his legs.

Everyone was very nice and quite helpful.  They brought a cart out to my car to pick up the nine boxes of food from our school.  And that was it.  I left wanting to cry.  But a very good friend was taking me out for my birthday, so I pulled it together and headed over to Walnut St.

B. took me to Sushi Too.  It's a longtime favorite and it's a really easy place to take both of my kids.  The girl, who has actually been really picky lately ate a ton of food.  I got her the yaki udon with miso soup (B. and I agree that it's the best in the city).  She also had some of my vegetable tempura.  It was a great lunch and it was good to see B. and catch up.  We used to work in the same office.  Now I do some part time administrative work for her once in a while, but it's always from home and we hardly see each other at all.  We could have talked for hours, but she had to get back to work and the girl was ready for a nap, so we left.

After the boy was done with school, we went to his friend's house.  I had a drink and got a present from the friend's parents.  It was a great way to start off the evening.  We went home and got ready for my sister-in-law to come over.  She showed up around 7 to watch the kids while the husband and I went to Dish.

We chose Dish on a number of recommendations from friends, and we've been meaning to go for a while.  It was fantastic.  Nice atmosphere, good service, and the food was excellent.  The husband got steak and I had the seafood pasta.  We split the eggplant appetizer and the tiramisu for dessert.  OK.  We may not have split the tiramisu.  I think he had one bite- maybe two?- and I had the rest.  Everything was delicious.

All in all, a good birthday.  Honestly, it feels kind of shitty starting this post talking about food pantries and ending it talking about fine dining.  But that was my day.  It's humbling and it makes me feel very grateful.  Grateful for what I have and grateful for the people in my life who I was able to spend the day with.  Not a bad way to start the next year of my life.

I've been posting Smiths and Morrissey videos here recently.  So here's one more.  When I worked in radio this was one of the songs that I would play for myself on my birthday.  Happy Birthday to me.

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