Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Exhaustion, Music, & Blood

Our Thanksgiving holiday was great, but very tiring in the end.  It's a holiday of excess, and that stretched into all five days for us.

I won't get into all the gory details, but everyone at my house consumed too much food and drink over the Thanksgiving holiday.  The holiday included two dinners out, one night of Thai food take out, and, of course, a Thanksgiving dinner for the five of us that easily could have been a dinner for ten.  What the hell were we thinking?  Also, the husband and my dad went to a brewery on Wednesday and the boy went to a sleepover on Saturday, where the mother plied the guests with ohmigodsomuch junk food.  By Sunday he had a stomach ache.

Something else we indulged in on Wednesday was going to our favorite CD & vinyl store in the city, Soundcat Records. Back before kids, the husband and I were big on CD shopping.  We probably hit Paul's CDs (which is now Soundcat) at least once a month to pick up several CDs each.  After the boy was born we slowed down our shopping a bit.  And now that the girl is here we hardly seem to go at all.  Sad, really.  But part of the problem is that we don't have the time to listen to CDs the way that we used to.  And since I'm not listening regularly it feels like I'm over-indulging when I do buy CDs.  It practically gives me a hangover.

Since I haven't been listening to CDs very much, I have also developed kind of a commitment phobia to new bands.  I could probably solve this problem by writing down new bands and songs I like when I hear them, but I haven't managed to get in that habit yet.  As a result I either buy stuff that's been around forever that I know I like.  Or, I replace old cassettes with CDs.  Out of the five CDs I bought last week, only one was new.  The Divine Fits.  The next most recent CD I picked up was 'It's a Bit Complicated' by Art Brut from 2007.  The rest of my purchases were 'Gimme Fiction' by Spoon, 'Boomslang' by Johnny Marr & The Healers, and I finally replaced my cassette copy of 'Green Mind' by Dinosaur Jr.  Oh, and I'm so glad I did.  I love every second of that CD.  Remember when Spin proclaimed that J. Mascis is God?  He just might be. 

So awesome.

Anyway.  By Sunday night we were all exhausted and I went to bed at the same time as the kids.  I had to get up early anyway to go and have my blood drawn. 

A few weeks ago I went to get my tsh levels tested.  Everything looks good and there are no changes in my Synthroid.  I'm still at 137 mcg and hopefully will be for a long time.  But, remember when I was supposed to call and make appointments and then I never did? Well, getting my tsh results prompted my doctor's office to call me, their loser patient.  The nurse was very nice and booked me for an appointment to have my thyroglobulin levels tested.  She also booked me for a follow up appointment with my doctor for this Wednesday.  So, I'm hoping to post more good news here later this week.

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