Thursday, November 1, 2012


In the last couple of weeks things have gone a little less well than expected.  Not terrible or anything.  Just disappointing.  Definitely disappointing.

Life has been hectic, as I've already mentioned.  That's not always a bad thing, but I was so looking forward to a break.  Last Tuesday, October 23, my favorite singer, Morrissey, was supposed to come to Pittsburgh.  It was going to be great.  My best friend, who I've known since college, was going to come up, and we were going to go out to dinner, then head over to Heinz Hall to catch the show.  Even the weather was gorgeous.  It was going to be an awesome evening.

Then this happened.

Of course he should be with his mother.  I'm not at all going to dispute that and I certainly hope that she gets well.  But I was also really, really bummed.  Alecia didn't come to town, we canceled our dinner reservations, and that night I drowned my sorrows in two pom-tinis that my husband made for me.  Truthfully, he was quite sympathetic.  He's pretty great that way.

Then Hurricaine Sandy came to town.  Even though we were on the very edge of the storm (really, mostly just rain in Pittsburgh) they canceled school on Tuesday.  And, they pushed trick or treating back to Saturday.  In the grand scheme of things it's not much.  But as a result, the boy was so excited about having Tuesday off, that he woke up early to enjoy the day off (I know, it doesn't make sense to me either).  After a full afternoon of playing with friends, he ended the day frankly, kind of snotty and cranky.  I mean, I know he was tired, but he was also kind of a pain. 

Saturday should be fine.  It's just that it won't really feel like Halloween.  Not to me anyway.  The boy and his friends are excited to have trick or treating on a weekend instead of a school night, and I suppose that really is better.  But still.

A couple of other crappy things have happened in the past week, including a friend's miscarriage and the boy potentially getting turned down for a special program at school.  I won't go into either of those things, but, yeah, it's made for a sucky couple of weeks.

I will say that I am also on my list of disappointments.  Still behind on things, still treading water, and really beginning to worry how many people I'm bumming out because of my actions.  Or inactions.  I can think of two people who seem pretty disappointed with me.  I care, I really really do.  But I'm also feeling like there's only so much I can do right now.  I almost wish I would be confronted by one or both of them- passive disappointment is usually frustrating for both parties- but I don't feel like listing excuses for people either.  So.  Here we are.

I also know that I don't want this blog to turn into a Debbie Downer thing.  Once again, I'll try to come up with something other than this kind of garbage for my next post.  Honest.

In the meantime, in honor of Morrissey's mum and looking forward to some re-scheduled tour dates, please to enjoy:


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