Thursday, September 6, 2012

Side Effects

So, remember when I told my endocrinologist that I wasn't experiencing any side effects?  That was totally not true.

It started the next morning.  At least, what I noticed started the next morning.  I was talking with my mother over breakfast.  Suddenly, part of the vision in my left eye was blurry.  There was a small blurry arc-almost like something was off with my lens (my eye's actual crystalline lens- I don't wear contacts).  It was weird, but I didn't want to say anything.  I was pretty sure my mother would freak if she thought something was wrong.  I just kept rubbing my eye, hoping it would just go away.

After five or ten minutes it did.  My left eye was just a little achy for the rest of the day.  I was worried all weekend though.  What if it happened again?  Would I be able to drive?  Read?  I told my husband and I also had full intentions of calling my endocrinologist and eye doctor the following Monday.  And then I didn't.  Nothing else had happened over the next three days, and it felt silly to call.  I promised myself that at the slightest hint of something wrong I would call.  Really.

Then I noticed a few other things.  Water hasn't tasted right to me since the radioactive iodine treatment.  I can't explain the taste.  It's just off, sort of sharp.  Of course, I certainly didn't think the issue was with me.  I walked around for a week thinking it was the water.  I finally asked the husband if he had changed the water filter since June.  He had.  Interesting.  Still not sure the problem was me.

Until I had an 'amazing!' chocolate chip cookie.  That tasted really fucking bland.  I said as much to the husband, who looked at me like I was crazy.  So then it dawned on me.  'Or, ' I said, 'this rai has effected me more than I originally thought.'  As the week went on I realized that cookies, brownies, a lot of baked goods, just didn't taste like I expected them too.  It was a bummer.  But what can you do.

Most recently, the sides of my mouth have split.  It seems that they're very dry.  At first I was blaming it on a tube of lip gloss that I'd decided was too old and should have been thrown out.  On a whim I googled the condition to see if there was an rai connection.  There was!  Which also explains why my nose is so dry.  Seriously.  So painfully dry.  I'd been blaming that on allergies, even though my allergies have never made my nose quite this bad before.  RAI.  It's just explaining everything.

Truthfully, I hate that I'm actually experiencing any side effects.  I'm just not that person.  I don't usually suffer side effects of drugs.  My body normally just takes it and moves along.  The husband pointed out that these side effects are really minor and- in all likelihood- temporary.  Which is true.  And it's way better than having cancer.  But my lips and nose still bother me all day.  It's low-grade pain, and it's minor and temporary, but it still kind of sucks.  I bought some Eucerin Aquaphor for my lips today.  Fingers are crossed that it will bring some relief.  At the very least, that it will keep things from getting worse.

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  1. I hope all of these things are better now, since I am SO slow in reading things. The sides of my mouth and eyes split too, sometimes, because of eczema. It's awful. So I really hope that's better. And cookies, too!