Monday, September 3, 2012

Isolation Cinema in Review

Some spoilers and a very long post ahead.

Movies I watched while at home in isolation.  (Yes, my movie-viewing is rather out of date.  Such is life with a toddler.):

1) Repo Man
2) The Other Guys
3) Thank You for Smoking
4) The Kids are All Right
5) Bridesmaids
6) Super
7) Due Date
8) Grey Gardens
9) The King's Speech
10) Slumdog Millionaire
11) The Help

This is actually the order that I watched them in.  Repo Man was the only movie I had seen before- and it's one of my favorites- so finding it on tv shortly after I got home from receiving treatment was sort of comforting.  And funny.  Because both me and the car were radioactive.  heh.  I thought it was quite the coincidence.

Thoughts on the other ten movies...

The Other Guys and Due Date were both funny enough and mindless.  My husband and I both read Thank You for Smoking years ago.  I was glad to finally get to see the movie.  I thought it was very well done and that Aaron Eckhart was a great choice for the role of Nick Naylor.

Grey Gardens was ok.  I wanted to watch the original after learning of the HBO prequel.  It's supposed to be a cult classic, which I found intriguing.  Mostly I thought it was sad.  I couldn't decide if there was mental illness, a lack of money, or a lack of knowledge on how to keep up the house.  (Feeding the raccoons that live in your attic?  I can't even.)  It was probably some combination of all three.  It was interesting though, particularly when they would talk about life when the kids were growing up.

The movie that I found really disappointing was Super.  I had really wanted to see it- the premise of regular guy Rainn Wilson becoming a superhero sounded like a lot of fun.  But I wasn't sure about the religious aspect?  It was kind of clumsy and non-committal.  Like, he was 'chosen', or his wife was, and Jesus kept popping up, but the filmmaker seemed to be unsure of how far to take it and how committed The Crimson Bolt should be to God.  And let me just tell you now how much I hated the ending.  gah.  I know fans of the movie would say that I didn't get it, but I'm pretty sure that I did.  It was pathetic and I just didn't like it.  Too bad because Kevin Bacon was actually pretty great (as usual) in the movie.

The King's Speech was another movie with a great cast.  Very solid and very well done.  The Kids Are All Right also had a great cast- I love Annette Bening in everything I've seen her in.  She's fantastic.  And I really liked the movie too.  Although I wasn't completely sold on a couple of things.  Mostly Laser's character.  I get that he wanted to track down his bio dad and that he was at a vulnerable age where he really felt the need for a male role model around.  As a result, he wants to track down his dad, play on every sports team, and hang out with some juvenile delinquent.  And that's what I didn't understand.  Why would he hang out with Clay if he supposedly loved all these sports and was having a great time?  I'm not saying that they'd never be friends, but wouldn't he have other jock friends too?  Why were we only seeing him getting male bonding time with the kid who was a total tool?  That didn't make sense to me.  Neither did Paul's reaction at the end of the movie.  I'm not convinced that he would have felt that crushed, but maybe I'm wrong about that.

The other three movies I'm going to say were definitely my top three favorites of the week.  Bridesmaids, Slumdog Millionaire, and The Help were all fantastic movies. Bridesmaids was the funniest movie I saw all week, and I was definitely in need of a comedy.  Although it was sad in parts- I actually cried when Annie had to move back in with her mom.  Still very funny- especially the airplane scenes.  Calling it The Hangover for women sells it short- besides, they never even make it to Vegas.

Slumdog Millionaire was really good.  There's a lot of controversy surrounding the movie for different reasons.  Since this is just a quick-ish rundown of the movies I watched during my isolation week, I'm not going to go into it. I have mixed feelings about some of the things I've read.  But as a story about love, family, and getting rich on a game show, I think it really holds up.  Great story, good acting, gorgeously filmed.  And although it was billed as a feel-good movie, I cried at the end when Salim was killed.  Bittersweet.  What can I say.  I'm a big crier.

Which brings me to the last movie.  The Help, which was awesome, but I think I cried my way through a good portion of this movie.  The subject matter is, of course, upsetting. But there were also so many other things to be sad about in the day to day lives of the characters.  Still.  Beautifully written and acted.  Bryce Dallas Howard was so good and her character was such a horrible horrible person.  Viola Davis was incredibly good too.  I know you're supposed to feel hopeful for Aibileen when she gets fired in the end, but all I could think about was how sad it was for Mae that Aibileen would no longer be in her life.  Probably because Mae was not much older than my daughter is now.  I'm getting choked up just thinking about it.

So, movies, yea!  I have missed them and it was good to do some catching up.  No idea when I might get to indulge like that again, but it was definitely the highlight of isolation week.

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