Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Following Up

Two days after the scan I was headed back to Oakland to meet with my endocrinologist.  One thing that I hadn't counted on was the Pitt students coming back to campus.  There are dorms on Lothrop St, and part of the street was blocked off so the students could move in.  Traffic was a headache.  I was at least ten minutes late to the appointment.

Turns out that was just fine.  Everyone else was late too.  As a result my doctor was running late.  He came into the room thirty minutes after my appointment time and was very apologetic.  Then we talked about the results of my scan and where we would go from there.

Like I was told earlier in the week, the results were great.  Right where everyone wanted to see them.  My doctor was very happy.  He wanted to know if I was experiencing any side effects from the radioactive iodine.  None so far.  He also wanted to know how I had done with weaning.  Had that been really hard on me?  On the baby?  I told him that, while neither one of us had been happy about it, we were fine after several weeks.  And if that was going to be my biggest complaint it was really ok.  I knew how much worse things could have been.  (And can I just say?  I'm surprised that he even asked.  I'm really liking Dr. E.) 

With that out of the way, my endocrinologist wanted to talk about moving forward.  First, there was the issue of my thyroid medicine.  Based on my last bloodwork, he had decided that the dose (125 mcg) wasn't high enough.  He was bumping it up to 137 mcg.  We would check bloodwork again in six weeks to make sure that the dose was ok.

Also, he wanted me to come back in three months for an appointment and to have more blood work done.  They would be screening me for cancer, making sure that nothing had returned.  If that looks ok, I'll come back six months after that to have another screening.  And if that's also clear, I'll go on a yearly screening cycle.  It's good to have goals.

The last thing he asked me about was the calcium that my surgeon had me on.  Did I still want to be on that?  He felt that my current dose was too low to make much of a difference.  I told him I was supposed to meet with her in September to go over the dose (of course, one thing that I have let slip is making that appointment.  oy.).  He said we could talk about it in three months if I would rather wait.  At this rate it just might come to that.

With the appointment over, he handed me my bloodwork script and sent me on my way.  At the front desk, I tried to make my appointment to come back in December.  He's booked through the middle of January.  Of course.  The woman at the front desk said that she would have his secretary call me to see what we could work out.  Suddenly, I'm not too optimistic about getting that September appointment with my surgeon.

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