Monday, August 13, 2012


At some point over this past weekend, I started to get anxious about the week ahead.  As happy as I was that the week was finally here and that I would get to actually have the treatment over with, there was also a feeling that it was finally here.  How painful would it be?  How exhausting?  How nauseating?  Of course, my large dose isn't until Wednesday.  But I was still worried about the beginning of the week.  Shots!  Hospitals!  gah.

So, for all my weekend build up, today was fairly anti-climactic. 

My mother arrived last night.  Part of the reason that she's here is to hang out with the kids while I go to my appointments.  So, I took off for the hospital by myself this morning, and on the way indulged in a little Hello Nasty at top volume.  Nothing like some Beastie Boys at 8:30AM to calm my nerves and kick off a week of medical appointments.  I got to the hospital just in time.  It started off with a blood draw.  They were testing several different things, but the most important seemed to be the pregnancy test.

I learned something from the phlebotomist today.  If you need to have your blood drawn, be sure to drink some water before you go.  Even a little bit of dehydration- like I had today from only drinking black coffee before the appointment- can make it difficult to find good veins for the draw.  It had me worried, but it wasn't nearly as terrible as the phlebotomist led me to believe.  I prepared myself for her stabbing me over and over because she couldn't find a vein.  Then it ended up no worse than any other blood draw that I've ever had.

I had to stick around for an hour just for the pregnancy test results.  I understand why they can't just take your word for it, but seriously.  Not at all pregnant.  sigh.  I knew that I'd be there for a while today though, so I brought and started reading Cleopatra.  (I'm only about twenty pages in, but so far, a good read.  The author is certainly sympathetic to her subject.)

Of course, the results came back negative for pregnancy.  Shortly after the results were in I was called back to receive my first Thyrogen injection.  For no good reason, I went back with the mindset that this was going to be awful!  And painful!  I was getting the shot in my ass, further convincing me that this was going to suck...

And then it was over.  Honestly, barely felt it.  I mentally rolled my eyes at myself.  All that worry?  Seriously?  I think I'm just on edge about the week ahead.  All the doctor's appointments, the large RAI dose on Wednesday, my family leaving me for a week.  It will all be fine, and I know this, but that doesn't mean that it's not stressing me out .

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  1. It's OK to stress out. I know I would be a mess. Good call on the Beastie Boys.

    Wouldn't you have just PASSED OUT if that pg test had come back positive? ;)