Friday, August 17, 2012

Home Alone

I have officially been home alone for a day and a half now.  I totally miss my family, but I have to admit that there's something nice about being the only one here.  I eat and sleep when I like.  I watch whatever I want on tv.  I've had several friends call in the past couple of days, and I can have an uninterrupted conversation with them for as long as I want.  It's like being 23 again.

Since I was told to hold off on any cleaning and organizing until the weekend, I've spent a lot of time either on the computer or watching movies.  I've scrubbed the tub every day after my shower, but that's about all I've done for cleaning.  I haven't even loaded my dishwasher.  It's full of clean dishes and I've been afraid to take them out and put them away.  I think this afternoon it might be ok, since it will be 48+ hours at that point.  Maybe I'll wear gloves too.

I'll need to clean my kitchen anyway because I plan to make The Grit spinach and feta lasagna tonight.  It's got pasta (obviously) and it's loaded with cheese- I think it will be the perfect post-low-iodine-diet dinner.  I've already indulged in a bagel with cream cheese this morning, but I think the lasagna will really satisfy all the carb & dairy cravings I've been having.  By the way, if you don't own The Grit Cookbook you really should.  My carnivorous husband enjoys every recipe I make out of it, and I can't say the same for my other vegetarian cookbooks.  Everything in there is crazy delicious.

I'm trying to be careful, not touching too much, lots of hand washing.  There's a quilt draped over my couch and one covering my bed.  I'll wash those on Tuesday along with all the clothes that I've been wearing.  I've been using a plastic cup to scoop my cat's food and I've tried not to pet him too much.  He's usually such a cranky old man and he likes his space.  For a few hours yesterday morning though, I felt like I couldn't get away from him.  He kept sitting near me- maybe a foot away.  At one point I tried to move my seat, but he just followed me.  I tried telling him, 'Hey cat!  Don't sit so close to me!  You can make yourself sick.'  He just ignored me.  He's stubborn that way.

Aside from cooking, today will be full of computers & tv, lemon drops & Gatorade. It's a rainy day in Pittsburgh, so maybe I'll take a nap too.
It's a life of luxury up in here.


  1. I too love The Grit cookbook, though I haven't made near as many recipes as I'd like. Maybe with all my newfound time (no 1.5 hour drives to the doctor or grocery store) I can be more productive. xoxo

    1. Heh. Now I feel silly for asking you about the cookbook earlier today. Clearly I hadn't seen your comments yet! Yes, The Grit cookbook is awesome and the lasagna turned out really well. Very tasty.