Sunday, August 5, 2012

Another Step Forward

Tuesday morning went so much more smoothly.  It was amazing.  I knew how to navigate the garage and the hospital.  I didn't need to ask anyone for directions.  I got to my appointment on time.  Knowing where you're going makes life a hell of a lot easier.

I sat in the waiting room and realized that I was feeling a little nervous.  I was pretty sure that I was no longer lactating, but I had just enough doubt.  What if I still was and we had to re-schedule the treatment, postpone everything?  It would be such a  hassle- the husband would have to rearrange things with work and his parents.  The boy might even be back in school.  What a mess.

I put it out of my mind when the tech came out to get me.  He was pretty friendly, although he did make a point to tell me that the doctor would want to talk with me after my breast scan, and she was pretty chatty.  Of course, she was chatty because she was the only female doctor in the department.  heh.  He seemed like a nice enough guy otherwise, though, so I thought it would be best to let this one slide.

He took me into the imaging room.  I had to lay down on a sort of bed.  It looked like it would slide into what was maybe an MRI machine?  But I wasn't there for a full body scan.  Just my boobs.  So, no sliding into a machine for me.  'This will come close to you, but I promise it won't hit you,' I was told, as a big piece of metal came at me slowly.  It looked like a thick, metal cabinet door.  I laid there for ten minutes while it took images of my breasts from the front.

Next it was time for side images.  Two metal doors slid down on either side of me.  I had to put my arms above my head.  I lay there looking at the metal slabs, wondering how they were taking images of the inside of my breasts.  These weren't x-rays and I couldn't see a camera.  Obviously they were able to take images because of the iodine.  I just had no idea how.

When it was over, the tech was ready to take me down to the doctor's office so she could go over the results with me.  You get the results immediately, which is great.  Before we could leave the room though, the doctor appeared. She told me that everything looked good.  'There's very little iodine, so it's safe to proceed with your treatment as planned.'  And that was it.  Was that what passed for chatty in this department?  Must be pretty quiet around here.

As the tech walked me back to the waiting room he said he'd only ever seen one test come back positive, and he was pretty sure that the woman hadn't actually stopped breastfeeding.  'Really, if you stop six weeks before like they tell you to, you should be ok.'  True that.

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