Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Tell the Kids

Memorial Day weekend was great. Lots of food, drink, and sunshine. We got to drive around in our friends' boat too, which is always fun. The kids go tubing and the guys water-ski.

Once when we were all getting ready to go out in the boat, the boys noticed that I was putting sunscreen on my scar and then putting a long scarf (summery! not a big woolen one) around my neck. I mentioned that I had to do that since I had a scar from surgery. 'Yeah, my mom had surgery a couple of weeks ago,' the boy told his friend. 'I know. Cause your mom has cancer.'

Shit. We actually hadn't told the boy this yet. I was pretty sure that we had let our friends in on that particular piece of information, but it didn't matter now. Originally, we weren't sure how he would react, so we had decided to wait until school was out for the summer to tell him. Too late now.

Luckily the boy seemed completely fine with everything.

We were driving back Monday evening when he asked about it. He wanted to know if it was true. We told him that it was and I apologized like crazy for not telling him sooner. I said that of course we had been planning to tell him, we had just wanted to wait a couple of more weeks. And we were sure to let him know that while I had cancer, I was expected to be just fine. That there was nothing to worry about. Not that he seemed terribly worried anyway. He just wanted to know what was going on.

Never underestimate the children. They're a pretty resilient group.

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  1. Well, this story had a surprise ending! But it sounds like you and your son both handled it OK!