Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tea & Sympathy

Just because the girl was no longer nursing, it didn't mean that she was happy about it. I had hoped that things would be settled down by June 30. It was probably more like a week after that. The first two weeks sucked, especially at bedtime. I felt like I was totally letting her down, this little person who depended on me. And she had no idea why. I tried to comfort her as best as I could under the circumstances, but I'm sure she was wondering the whole time why I just wouldn't let her nurse already.

The next two weeks weren't quite so bad. She still fussed, but she wasn't completely melting down. A couple of times she even fell asleep without fussing (I still can't even say that happens every time now). By the second week of July she no longer seemed to have the expectation to nurse. And that was a huge relief.

Frankly, my breasts also had some adjustments to make. Cutting out a few of the nursings earlier on helped, but there were times when I still found myself engorged by the end of the day. A friend had given me a manual pump, the one that didn't make it to the hospital. I had used it a few times to help relieve engorgement. Another friend, who is a lactation consultant, also recommended eating a lot of sage. It helps to decrease milk supply.

Probably the best thing I found was a tea. When I was reading this blog I came across her recommendation for an all natural healing salve. She had used it her for her thyroid surgery scar and raved about it, so I decided to order some as well. So far so good! I've liked the results, although I think it might be too soon to know for sure. But my scar seems to be healing nicely and it's lighter than it was a month ago.

I went back to see what else the company had to offer, and wouldn't you know it. They have this tea.

I started drinking it about a week after we stopped nursing. It's primary ingredients are mint, parsley, and sage- all recommended to decrease lactation- and it tastes good too. Like a strong herbal tea. I drank the recommended 'up to 3 cups' and it seemed to work rather well. Almost immediately there was no more leaking or engorgement. By the beginning of July I was starting to feel pretty good about everything again.

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  1. I don't know much about scars, but you look like you are healing wonderfully!

    That's cool about the tea. Goiing to go check out the site to see if they have anything realtive to general health!