Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The husband and I got up bright and early so we could get to the hospital by 7:30. St. Margaret's is nice- much tamer than Presby in Oakland. Presby is very busy, lots of activity. St. Margaret's is busy too, but it's in the suburbs, so the campus is more spread out. The effect is calming, which is good when you're headed there for surgery.

We checked in and it wasn't long before I was taken back to be weighed. Then I was sent to the prep area. I was given lucky room #13 (stall? really not a room...). They handed me a bag for my clothes. I got into my gown and laid down on the gurney. People came in to go over my medical history, take blood for the research project and basically make sure that I was ready for the surgery. Finally my husband got to come back.

Neither one of us was nervous, so that was good. I just couldn't wait to get it over with. Get the cancer out of my neck already. The anesthesiologist came in and explained the different drugs that he was going to use, how they would work, how they would make me feel. He left and his assistant came in shortly afterward. She was very nice and asked if I was ready to get the initial dose. Absolutely. 'OK, this may make you feel like you've had about two glasses of wine.' To which I, apparently, very charmingly replied, 'Oh, it takes me about four glasses to feel like this.' I think we continued the conversation on the way to the where I was going to have the surgery. But I couldn't tell you what we talked about. Based on our wine conversation my guess would be...liquor? And I couldn't tell you at what point I passed out. But I totally did.

When I came to I was in post op. They promptly brought me ice chips. I sucked on those for a while and looked around the room. It was packed. I think every bed was full. One patient was really agitated and giving the nurses a terrible time of it. I wonder what procedure he had done. I'm guessing he must have been in a lot of pain. I can't figure out why else he would be so angry. The nurses seemed to be nice and very attentive.

My surgeon came back to let me know that the surgery went very well. They had successfully removed my thyroid and several lymph nodes from the center and left sides of my neck. Also on the left, the growth on my thyroid had started to attach itself to muscle. Fantastic! Anyway, it had just started, and they were able to cut away any part of the muscle that had seemed effected. She was confident that they got everything out that needed to come out. Everything went very well.

When she left they sent my husband back. He came in to tell me that my friend, Alecia, had arrived and was getting some lunch. She would meet us up in the room. I was exhausted, my throat was sore, and I was nauseous. I couldn't wait to get to the room. I just wanted to sleep.

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