Thursday, July 5, 2012

Slumber Party

My mother had been surfing the web, looking for information on thyroid cancer. She came across this blog. Heather, the woman who writes A Mama's Blog, went through thyroid cancer several years ago. Her blog is full of useful information, including how helpful it is to have someone stay overnight with you in the hospital. Brilliant! It never occurred to me, but what a good idea. My mother thought so too.

'So,' she said, 'your husband can stay overnight with you then, and I'll stay home with the kids.' 'No. That won't work. The girl has never spent the night without us there and she's nursing. It will be hard enough without me there- it will be worse without both of us. He'll need to be home with the kids.' My mother seemed reluctant, but agreed to stay at the hospital with me. Not sure what the reluctance was about, and I didn't bother asking. I'm pretty sure that she was worried I was going to be in terrible shape, that she would need to do more work than she was actually prepared to do.

Alecia called me the next day. She said that she had been wanting to help me in some way, but was unsure how. 'But I think I know now. I want to stay with you at the hospital overnight.' Crazy, I told her, because I had *just* had this conversation with my mom the day before. Yes, of course, I would love for her to stay with me. My mom was pretty thrilled too.

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  1. I decide to go back and try to catch up a little, and this is the first post I read! There had been a part of me that was braced for that first call, the first of my friends who would call to say, "I have cancer." But never in a million years did I guess that call would come from you, my dearest friend. I've pondered it 100 times since, and the thing that matters most to me is that I felt privileged to be able to stay with you, that this is what our friendship is truly about, trusting each other in times of distress. You were a wonderful patient, and I am glad our slumber party went realtively well (given the circumstances)!