Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Moveable Feast

The weekend before my surgery rocked. Seriously. We had dinner dates for all three nights.

Friday night we ate with friends in Squirrel Hill. The boy was playing with their sons. I had stayed that afternoon for a glass of wine. It turned into dinner and my husband joined us after work. We ordered food from Yinzburgh. One reason we chose Yinzburgh was because they have tofu on the menu. I know- if you're ordering barbecue you should just get meat already. But I only eat seafood so tofu was my best option. It was ok. Don't get me wrong- it's very nice that they even offer it. It's would be great if they just didn't send you a brick of tofu covered in sauce. Cut in quarters and pressed would make it more appetizing. And it would maximize sauce coverage, which is what barbecue is all about anyway.

The sauces were great. Everyone else loved their ribs & chicken. We also got collard greens and macaroni, which were awesome. I really really love me some collards.

Saturday night was spent with friends in Morningside. Take out again- we ordered pizza & subs. I am also a big fan of pizza and I can really put away the slices. After dinner we sat around their fire pit. It was a really lovely Pittsburgh evening, cool and pleasant. While we were enjoying the fire my friend brought out a get well card. It was signed by a dozen of our friends and filled with Wheel Deliver 'cash'. Very touching and I was totally blown away. There are times when it just kind of it hits me how lucky we are and what amazing, caring friends we have. Seriously. We have some of the very best people ever in our corner.

Sunday was Mothers' Day. It's always low-key around here. The husband took the kids on a bike ride. Later in the day the guys went shopping and came back with flowers for me. Then we headed to our friends' house in Lawrenceville. Our friend is a fantastic cook, and she made this delicious salmon recipe for dinner. You should try it. It is so so good. We had chocolates and ice cream for dessert. We stayed a little too late for a school night. But when you're enjoying good company, good food, and good wine, it's rather hard to tear yourself away.

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