Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hospital Stay

All the rooms at St. Margaret's are private. Someone told me that the week before my surgery. It hadn't occurred to me that they wouldn't be. Both of my kids were born at Magee, where all of the rooms (at least postpartum) are private. It's great having a private room. I had to share a room when I got my tonsils out in college. Of course, I was on the side without the tv. I had to lay there listening to whatever the older lady on the other side of the curtain was watching. I also got yelled at for throwing up in the bathroom instead of in the bedpan. They hadn't wanted me to walk to the bathroom by myself in case I fell. Good times.

Having a private room was great since Alecia would be staying the night with me. She was already in the room when they wheeled me in. The husband was there too. I was exhausted and nauseous. And burning up. I felt so uncomfortably hot.

'You,' I pointed To Alecia 'need a reclining chair. Can we get a reclining chair for her? She's spending the night.' 'Don't worry about me...' she started to say. But I wanted a fan too. 'Can I get a fan? I don't feel well and this room is too hot.' So much for the bed-jacket my mother insisted that I pack. I was kicking the sheets off of me. I felt as though I needed cool air or I would be sick.

The nurses were great and got the chair and fan delivered pretty quickly. The husband and Alecia made sure that I was settled and comfortable. Then I fell asleep. I was so exhausted.

I pretty much slept all afternoon and evening. I would wake up for about 5 minutes at a time, maybe eat some ice chips, feel sick, and fall back asleep. Once I woke up and the husband told me he was going home to help my mom with the kids. He'd be back in the morning to pick me up. Other times I woke up and the nurse would be checking in on me for one thing or another. But mostly I slept. The first time I woke up and didn't feel ill was 10:30pm. Alecia was asleep, so I went back to sleep too.

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  1. It was just amazing to me that one of the first things you thought about was me having a place to sleep. You are an amazing person - not many people would be focused on the needs of their friend when they are burning up and naseous (which I am sure I spelled wrong).