Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Help from Our Friends

I know these things go differently for everyone, but I honestly felt great over the next few days. I mean, comparatively. My neck muscles were sore but my throat felt fine. (I later found out that your neck muscles get stiff from lying so still during the surgery.) I realized by Thursday night- two days after the surgery- that I was just eating whatever I wanted. I was officially off any specific 'diet'. I had expected to be exhausted, but I wasn't. Although it did feel good to take it easy. Not knowing what it would be like, we had lined up things for the boy to do every afternoon that week. He had places to go after school and often was invited to stay for dinner. Someone brought him to and from soccer that week. My mother helped with the girl and took the boy to and from school. I didn't feel like seeing anyone yet. I figured I would deal with that the following week.

I was feeling much better than I had expected and I was feeling a little guilty about asking for so much help. Which is silly, I know. I had just undergone surgery for thyroid cancer. But I really felt like I could have been doing more that week than I was. People were bringing us food too, which we really didn't need, although it was delicious and, of course appreciated. My in-laws brought homemade minestrone soup, and another friend brought over a vegetarian shepherd's pie. This was on top of the roast and lasagnas my mother had brought with her. We had other offers to cook, but we asked people to please not worry about bringing us anything.

At the very least, I knew that when my mother left things would be ok. I was perfectly capable of managing without help. Which was a great realization.

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