Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perspective and How To Get It

My mother and her husband head to Hawaii every year around February/ March. They have for the past six or seven years. They used to go for two weeks. Now they go for three. It's their favorite vacation spot. They stay in the same condo, they know their fellow vacationers pretty well, and they go where the locals go. They're pretty comfortable on the island of Maui.

So, here I am, back in Pittsburgh. Another rushed morning. This time, it's Saturday. The Kid had a friend spend the night last night. Now they're both dragging their feet and the Kid needs to get to a swimming lesson. In the middle of this the phone rings. My husband gets it- it's my mother.

A tsunami is supposed to hit the island. They are leaving their condo at 5am to head up the hill and wait it out at the little airport on the island. No time to talk. She just wanted to let us know what was happening. And that's it.

I don't fall apart, but I'm worried. My mom and I are pretty close. We weren't always. Our relationship has been much better since I've become an adult. And it probably continues to get better the older we get. That doesn't mean that she still can't drive me crazy. But she usually doesn't. And I rely on her for a lot. Even if it's just to call and chat.

I think about it all morning at the swimming lesson. The Kid and I come home and watch the weather channel with my husband. For a few hours. I worry. I can't picture life without my mom. Without being able to call her anytime I want to. Friends of mine have lost their mothers, and I realize I can't possibly fully know what it has meant to them. I can't fathom it for myself.

The hours drone on. Nothing happens. At one point the water starts to look rough, and the reporters brace themselves for their *big* story. And then... And then it never happens. The storm passes. Our television is turned off.

I am relieved.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Enough Already

Yet another snow day has been called. I get that the roads aren't in good shape. But they also weren't in good shape these last two days when the kid was in school. It's hard to believe that they're so much worse today.

So, thanks, Pittsburgh Public Schools. I have another day ahead of me filled with t.v., Wii, and the great, freezing, snowy outdoors. Oh, and spiked hot chocolate. Because I don't think I can deal without that.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Girl Power

Today is my husband's birthday. We have been snowbound for a week (ok- not really- he's been taking the bus to work). At least, the kid and I have been snowbound for a week. We haven't left the neighborhood since last Friday.

And here it is. Friday again. All my husband wants for his birthday is to get *out* and eat some Thai food. So my job is to make sure that happens.

My husband has been taking care of the front walk and sidewalk. But since we haven't been driving anywhere, no one has touched the space behind our garage. I realized when I went back there that we were maybe the only ones who hadn't dug out our garage yet. So.

The kid was at a friend's house. The husband was at work. The sky was beautiful- sunny and clear. I began to dig away at the two feet of snow that sat in front of our garage. I'm not much of an exerciser, so I was surprised at how good it felt to dig deep shovelfuls of snow and throw them into ever-growing piles along the sides of our garage. I felt strong and powerful-seriously? Not feelings I'm used to having.

And when I was done, an odd sense of accomplishment. A clear path for not just one, but for both of the cars that had been sitting in our garage. It felt good. I felt mighty. And I felt hungry. Honestly. How does exercise just make you want to eat more? A fat lot of good that does me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 10 Reasons to Love a Blizzard

10. It is so quiet. And pretty.

9. Long walk through our snowy neighborhood with the family.

8. Lots of our neighbors out walking too- next to no cars anywhere.

7. Hot chocolate with rum.

6. Igloos and snow tunnels.

5. Neighbors who throw a case of beer in the snow and invite you to join them on their porch for a drink.

4. Homemade corn chowder.

3. The Saints winning the Super Bowl! (What do you mean the blizzard had nothing to do with that?)

2. Making up for the lack of sledding last winter.

1. An extra day at home with the husband and the kid.