Sunday, December 13, 2009


The kid does not want to be married when he grows up. He has never expressed an interest in having a wife, let alone a girlfriend (maybe, *maybe* a girlfriend). Interesting, since he has said that he would like to be a father one day. Although, that may be out the window too. For the past few months we've been told that when he grows up he would like to be 'rich & alone'.

Last Thursday, we were all on the couch watching tv. That American Express commercial came on- the one where it talks about how you can earn points for things like vacations, etc. The guy in the commercial is very into the idea of going on a vacation, researching all kinds of trips online, when his wife blows into the room wearing some fabulous dress. The guy expresses his admiration, then mentions going on a trip with their points. It then becomes clear that she has already spent those points. On her new fabulous dress. heh.

When the commercial ended, my son immediately said, "Well, if that was me, I'd be like, 'OK! You're out of this house!!'

Of course, my husband and I just about fell on the floor laughing so hard. I consider myself a strong feminist, and I certainly don't advocate throwing your wife/girlfriend/partner out of the house for buying a dress with vacation money. But there is something to be said for a six year old who is all, 'Why would you want to buy clothes when we could be *traveling*, for crying out loud?'

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