Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh. That Explains It.

My son went to his first Steelers game yesterday. This is a *very* big deal in Pittsburgh. Steelers tickets are usually hard to come by. That is, until the Steelers lose a few games in a row and then they're scheduled to play the Raiders. Then they're much easier to get.

It was just him and his dad. They had a lovely Guys' Day Out. They took the bus Downtown, got subs for lunch, and then headed over to Heinz Field. The Kid's first Steelers game was spent on bench seats, next to some Raiders fans. It was chilly, but the guys were bundled up and it was sunny for a change. They bought pretzels. My husband washed his down with Magic Hat, the Kid went with PowerAde. It wasn't until the last couple of minutes that the Kid started to feel cold. My husband convinced him to hang in just a little longer. They stayed and witnessed yet another disappointing loss.

No matter. They had a great time. I picked them up at the bus stop and we came home. The Kid was starving, so I made him some dinner. While he was eating ravioli we talked about the game. We were all sorry that the Steelers had lost. Then, the Kid said, 'Maybe they're very tired.'

'What do you mean?'

'You know. From winning the Super Bowl. Maybe it took a lot out of them.'

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

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