Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Panic

So. We had a lovely Thanksgiving. How about you?

I went with the family to MD to visit both my in-laws and my mom. Thanksgiving was spent watching the Godfather II on AMC, followed by eating way too much food. On Friday my in-laws took the kid, which gave my husband and I a chance to have lunch with Kyle, a very old and dear friend of mine. Then we went to the movies- to see a grown up movie!- The Men Who Stare at Goats. Two thumbs up. Good stuff. Saturday we went to my mom's and celebrated my grandmother turning 90. 90. What a fabulous age.

Things went downhill on Sunday. Traffic was so heavy going from MD to Pittsburgh that it took us an hour longer than usual to get home. We were exhausted from the drive Sunday night. Monday morning started off with me getting the kid to school late, followed by the realization that I had locked myself out of my house. It ended with our crazy cat (we have two cats- one crazy, one sane) pooping in our bedroom. Which meant that we had to spend half an hour cleaning everything up and we got to bed late. Today was a little bit better. But then my kid told me over homework that a 'friend' from school has been saying to him, 'I can beat you up'. Nice. That prompted a talk about how friends don't say things like that to each other.

And then? My kid announced during dinner that there are only 23 days left until Christmas.

Excuse me while I swallow my panic.

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