Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 40th birthday. 40 is generally considered a milestone age- a momentous occasion. It is, on average, the middle of one's life. A time when one can look back on where they've been, and hope that those reflections will help to guide them where they want to go for the second half of their life.

One thing I've wanted to do since I was a child was write. To be a writer. I am, apparently, easily distracted, and have let many other things get in the way of my writing. Now, as I am perched on top of 40 and looking ahead at the rest of my life, I know what it is that I want to do. What I need to do for myself. I need to write. No matter how poor the prose may be, I need to open the floodgates and let it flow.

So, I'm doing what I have threatened to do for several years now. I'm starting a blog. I can't tell you what it will be about, because I don't really know yet. So many others start a blog with an idea in mind- parenting, politics, music, etc. All I know is that, right now, this blog will be about me finally writing on a semi-regular basis. I just hope that it doesn't totally suck.

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  1. my wonderful friend! welcome and thank you for sharing this with me! i will share with you that i recently found copyblogger & think it is a great resource. but more than that, i can't wait to see what you will write about!

    happy birthday to you!